Candace Sanders 9-20-2019

On Sept. 20, youth activists led a climate strike march in Washington, D.C. in solidarity with millions of other young people striking around the world today. Thousands of youth organizations, activists, and protesters gathered at John Marshall Park and marched to the Capitol to mobilize action for the current climate crisis. Today's global climate strikes kick off an upcoming week of international climate action that will address the necessary steps towards change. These are photos from the event. 

the Web Editors 9-20-2019

Tackling climate change, Rachael Denhollander’s memoir, a ministry for homeless students, and more.

When Jeronimo Perez Flores was accepted into San Jose State University, he never imagined that enrolling in college would lead him to homelessness.

Jim Wallis 9-19-2019

And yet, it’s undeniable that the election of Donald Trump and the presidency that has followed — and the Christian response to all of it — have revealed how disconnected many American Christians have become from Jesus. In particular, the uncritical support Trump enjoys from many white evangelicals in the religious right, and the Faustian bargain they have made for power, are turning many Americans (and others) away from Christianity altogether.

On Friday, Sept. 20, driven by our faith and by our profound concern about climate change, we will be joining young people from around the world in a climate strike. We will join with youth who, frightened by the impact that a hotter planet will have on their lives and angry that adults have done so little in response, are demanding that world leaders take transformative action to address the emergency that we face. Millions of us will take to the streets to demand a right to a future for generations to come.

Andrew J. Wight 9-18-2019

More than two dozen indigenous women leaders from across the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon met to share their experiences.

Abby Olcese 9-17-2019

The new film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood thankfully avoids giving us a Fred Rogers biopic, one that hits rote beats that show us how Rogers grew into the saintly human we welcomed into our homes. Instead, it provides a kind of parable of the love and forgiveness and empathy that Rogers preached, one in which Rogers himself happens to feature significantly.

Kaitlin Curtice 9-17-2019

A few days ago, my son started a science journal to write down questions and answers about why certain things happen in the natural world. His first question was: Why do leaves change color in autumn?

Candace Sanders 9-16-2019

The Second Look Act is the third iteration of the IRAA — a 2106 D.C. Council created law that addresses issues of young offenders in the District. IRAA’s 2016 version provided relief and reconsideration for juveniles that were tried as adults — those who had served at least 20 years and had not yet qualified for parole — could petition to have their sentences reduced by the superior court. The revised 2019 version of the law would allow juveniles who’d served 15 years, as well as those who’d been denied parole, the ability to request a sentence reduction. 

the Web Editors 9-13-2019

Jerry Falwell, Wendell Berry, 9/11, seminaries making historic moves, and more.