This toolkit is designed to help faith leaders like you ensure that everyone in your community is counted so that your local schools, roads, and hospitals get their fair share of funding and your community receives fair political representation at all levels of government.

As a faith leader, you are an incredibly trusted messenger who can help educate and mobilize your congregation, your colleagues and your entire community to rise to this challenge. This “Get Out the Count” program is based on the understanding that faith communities have a unique moral voice and are trusted community leaders and resources. As such, these communities and their leaders are poised to be key messengers in turning out our communities to be counted in the 2020 Census, no matter the obstacles, so that everyone of our neighbors is fairly and accurately counted.

A coalition of national religious denominations and organizations, in partnership with Faith in Public Life and Shepherding the Next Generation to form the 2020 Census Faith Council, will work together to lead public education efforts regarding the 2020 Census, advocate for a fair and accurate count, and recruit 1,000 Census Faith Ambassadors across the country and particularly in Hard to Count communities to be community leaders in educating their neighbors about the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census.