Christians and the Environment


The Bible offers many images that emphasize the profound relation between God and the environment— from the importance of Sabbath in Genesis to Christ’s work in reconciling all creation to God. The Christian theology of “domination” has played a destructive role in the degradation of the environment, but the Christian theology of stewardship and sacred relationship between God, humans, and creation was also an essential element of the environmental movement. Combining Bible study, social and economic analysis, and personal stories, this collection of Sojourners articles is part of a series designed to spark discussion, thought, and action about how to live out God’s call to love the whole world.

Contributors to this guide include: Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, Mary Evelyn Jegen, Sally Bingham, Emilie Teresa Smith, Lois Gibbs, Victor Mughogho, Rose Marie Berger

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