BRUCE COCKBURN'S MUSIC MOVES your feet and your heart, which might be one reason why the 42-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter has attracted an intensely loyal following around the world. Cockburn's career as a superb guitarist and folk singer began simply enough, but it took an unexpected turn when the musician found himself converted to Christianity.

Influenced by writers such as Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis, and Thomas Merton, Cockburn was drawn to both a mystical experience of Christ and a growing social awareness of what it meant to love his neighbor. Now, 17 years and 17 albums later, Cockburn's unique blend of faith, politics, and poetry, with rock, jazz, reggae, and Latin rhythms reflects the journey as much as the man.

Cockburn interrupted a European tour last September to perform at Countdown '87, a concert held in Washington, DC, to raise money to oppose further U.S. aid to the Nicaraguan
contras. He was interviewed at his hotel by Vicki Kemper.

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