White Parents: We Need to Have ‘The Talk’ With Our Kids and Police Chiefs

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White people need to do a lot of listening right now to their friends and neighbors and co-workers and fellow citizens and believers of color. And it’s also time to start talking where we can have our own influence — starting with our own children, and our local law enforcement. They need to know that we are watching, and that we — and our children — will be expecting changes.

Giving In to Islamophobia Means Giving In to ISIS

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If a terrorist claiming he was inspired by his Christian faith killed worshipers at a church in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, would anyone suggest that he was a true Christian or represented the beliefs of other Christians worldwide? Of course not. Such a man would be denounced by Christians everywhere, along with whatever twisted organization he represented.

Issue: August 2016

Following his death in April, Daniel Berrigan (1921-2016) was lauded as a prophet, poet, and peacemaker. He was a tireless resister to the U.S. military industrial complex who burned draft records and poured blood on warheads. In this issue, Sojourners pays tribute to Berrigan, a "doctor of the Church," by sharing the words of students, friends, and family, all who saw Berrigan's life as "preaching the resurrection."