November 2006

Cover Story

Democracy demands that religious Americans translate their concerns into universal values - and that secularists make room for faith and morality.


Can fiction be a vehicle for social change?
How does faith in Jesus enter the moving picture for Hollywood writer-producer David MacFadzean?
Exploring the difference between the public truth of the sermon and the private truth of the memoir.
Maybe a single film can't change the world, but put a social action campaign behind it and you have the seeds of a movement.


Storytelling in the digital age.
Films to watch out for.


George Bush's sense of religion makes him alarmingly self-righteous.
Detroit: Our top story today is the recall of 7.4 million sport utility vehicles after General Motors technicians discovered they consume unconscionably high quantities of fuel.
by: Ed Spivey

Culture Watch

Who will control the stories we tell-and who gets to see them?
New and Noteworthy books.


Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle B for November.
The fall months tend to be busy-no doubt you can relate-and the pace around  our office has been brisk.