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Create in Me a Green Heart...

Creation and Christ

Creation and Christ

Churches looking for Christian leadership in the area of environmental justice should check out the work of the Evangelical Environmental Network, a ministry whose aim is to help Christians and society at large "understand the fullness of Christ’s reconciliation" among God, people, and creation. The EEN produces Creation Care (www.creationcare. org), a quarterly magazine, offers online resources for hosting an annual Creation Sunday celebration, helps coordinate a creation-care small group network, and offers fact sheets on topics ranging from air pollution to the harmful effects of mercury. Of particular note is the ministry’s biblically grounded call to action, "An Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation," signed by hundreds of clergy, theologians, professors, and organizations.

Stamp of Approval

Looking for information on the most earth-friendly household cleaners, appliances, or industrial products? Green Seal, an independent nonprofit, certifies and recommends environmentally sound products ranging from household cleaners and paper to windows and paint. If you’re looking for lodging while on an earth-conscious vacation, the site also lists facilities across the United States that have earned the GS-33 mark—Green Seal’s certification that a hotel, motel, or resort has adequate policies and practices for dealing with waste, energy, water, and hazardous substances. www.

Zero Waste

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