Welcome and hospitality are more than trendy buzzwords or alignment with one set of politicized priorities over another. They are characteristics of the world that scripture constructs from the perspective of God and are deeply embedded in scriptures across genre and time. The constancy of that portrait makes clear that these are core values to be emulated and cultivated. In this season of growth, the selected texts paint a portrait of a loving God whose goodness is abundant. The growth that is called for is ours. We are to grow into the example God sets. The texts alternate examples of God’s fidelity as earmarks of trustworthiness and the turn of the faithful to sure hope in God. God’s fidelity is not limited to those who are called “God’s people” or “Israel.” Rather, God welcomes all peoples and nations and draws in the outcasts. This God is magnificent in power, yet tender and loving. These texts invite us to think beyond the immediate meaning to their application in our time. What does God’s goodness and faithfulness look like in our world today? What does God’s embrace of all peoples and nations mean in our world of international conflicts? Who are the outcasts now? And what ethical action do these texts require of us?

Welcome also requires adapting a posture of openness. Waiting is an apt posture for listening for God’s word to our times. Welcoming the guest may also open the door for the word in flesh to arrive.

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