Sojourners is an international network of folks just like you who strive to put their faith in action in practical, transformative ways. Seekers and skeptics, students and teachers, pastors and ministers, parents and prophets, young and old, and in between — all are welcome. Find out how you can connect, learn, grow, and take steps to transform the world together. 

At many times in history, people of faith have marshaled their unique gifts and brought them to bear on social justice issues and the common good. Think of the abolitionist, women's suffrage, and civil rights movements, among others. People of faith rose up to join or lead these movements—each time calling on America to live up to its own dreams. Sojourners is committed to equipping a new generation of faith leaders and organizers, building their capacity to organize local and regional faith networks, and helping them use their unique gifts in the broader struggle for a just world.

From The Summit each year to Lisa Sharon Harper's Uncommon Tour to Jim Wallis' many speaking events throughout the year, Sojourners spends much of the calendar year on the road – or crossing oceans — to come to you. Check out upcoming events in your area.

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