Dalia Mogahed on Race and Religion

Instructor: Dalia Mogahed, CEO, Mogahed Consulting

In the past few years, anti-Muslim sentiment is rising in the U.S. Qurans and mosques have been burned or defaced, hysteria fanned around the alleged imposition of sharia law, and hateful advertising campaigns mounted. The response from some Muslims internationally has been violent demonstrations against U.S. Embassies, including the killing of an ambassador.

As immigration and changing demographics have reshaped the religious landscape, how will Christians relate to their neighbors of other faiths? We will study important stories of shared history, theological similarities and differences, and aspirations for social justice that both Christians and Muslims share as communities of faith. Religious differences provide fertile ground for animosity and misunderstanding. Over the years, both Muslims and Christians have dealt with extremists who distort the character of true belief. Significant, intelligent dialogue and the development of authentic friendships across religious lines are key to deepening Christians’ and Muslims’ faith. A new alliance between prophetic religious leaders across our many faith traditions is the best way to defeat the threats of modern fundamentalism.


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