Faith Confronts War, Peace and Terrorism (with Jim Wallis)

Instructor: Jim Wallis

The Christian tradition has yield two different perspective on the ethics of war: pacifism and the “just war theory.” Many Christians have ignored both of these perspectives when it comes to the “war on terror,” considering it a distinctly different type of combat, confronting a decentralized and transnational enemy unconstrained by the rules of war between nation states. But as Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, professor of theology at Chicago Theological Seminary, warns, “There are too many questions—concerning the continuing authority for a ‘war on terror,’ the protection of civilians, the lack of transparency about the [drone] program—to call this just war. … Drones are particularly dangerous as they tempt us, as well as other nations, to consider war ‘easy’ and ‘cheap.’ The age of drones, unless checked, will be an age of permanent war.” How do we bring a truly Christian ethic to our current international struggles?


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