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Grief, Courage, and Perseverance

Reflections on stopping gun violence, a year after the massacre in Newtown.
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[editor's note: This article first appeared in our December 2013 issue to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting.]

IN THE YEAR since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last Dec. 14, thousands more have died by gun violence, and the NRA seems to stymie sane firearm measures at every turn. How do we stave off despair, hold on to hope, and keep moving forward when the odds feel overwhelming? —The Editors

Advent in a Crumbling Empire

by Shelley Douglass 12-01-2010
The season's real message isn't pretty, but it is powerful.

The Right Question?

by Jim Douglass, by Shelley Douglass 07-01-1998

"HOW DO YOU contain Saddam Hussein without either bombing or starving the kids in his country?"

Sanctions & Iraq

by Jim Douglass, by Shelley Douglass 05-01-1998

"HONEST, UNFLINCHING, Prophetic"? Those are the words you use on your back cover to describe Sojourners.

Transformation at the Cross

by Jim Douglass, by Shelley Douglass 09-01-1996

How shall we live as disciples of Jesus the Christ? The readings for these winding-down weeks of the year all address that question.

Receive the Holy Spirit

by Jim Douglass, by Shelley Douglass 05-01-1996
Reflections on the revised common lectionary, cycle A.

The Cross of Forgiveness

by Jim Douglass, by Shelley Douglass 03-01-1996
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Ordinary Encounters

by Jim Douglass, by Shelley Douglass 01-01-1996

These reflections actually began with Christmas, the incomprehensible feast celebrating the unbelievable fact: God with us, God loving us (see "Living the Word," November-December 1995).


The End and the Beginning

by Jim Douglass, by Shelley Douglass 11-01-1995
Reflections on the revised common lectionary (November 5 - December 24)

When Anti-Abortion Is Not Pro-Life

by Shelley Douglass 03-01-1995

How people responded to the December 30 murders of abortion clinic workers in Massachusetts depended in large part on the ideological position of the responder.