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A Day Without the Pentagon

The War Resisters League, a 75-year-old pacifist organization, is launching a new campaign to help people realize what it would be possible to accomplish in their communities if

Resources for Study and Action

by Sandy Maben 05-01-1997


Friends of Sabeel, North America

Much of the world sees the peace process in Palestine and Israel as taking place between Muslims and Jews, forgetting that there are many Palestinian Christians who are also affe

Strawberry Fields

As the first fruits of the strawberry season appear in supermarkets across the country, farmworkers, labor activists, and members of the religious community are organizing to demand better conditions...

The Reconquest of El Salvador

In spite of the end of the civil war in El Salvador and a strong challenge in the March 16 elections to ARENA...

Briefly Noted

The online magazine Slate reported recently that statisticians have been unable to disprove the existence of "Torah codes" in the Hebrew scriptures.

Resources for Study and Action

by Sandy Maben 03-01-1997


Resources for Study and Action

by Sandy Maben 01-01-1997

Young, Catholic, and Feminist?