Robert Hirschfield

Robert Hirschfield is a New York City-based freelance writer.

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Redemptive Verses

by Robert Hirschfield 01-06-2015

Poet and Vietnam vet Bruce Weigl writes of war and reconciliation. 

Protest and Praise

by Robert Hirschfield 04-03-2014

Denise Levertov: A Poet's Life. University of Illinois Press.

A Poet's Revolution: The Life of Denise Levertov. University of California Press.

A Spirituality of Solitude

by Robert Hirschfield 02-04-2014

Marking the centennial of pacifist poet William Stafford

God 'Beneath the Ordinary'

by Robert Hirschfield 12-12-2013

Yehoshua November

The rabbi recognized poetry as November's calling and inveighed against his betrayal of it.

Homeless, Not Helpless

by Robert Hirschfield 11-02-2012

In New York City, an activist group of homeless and formerly homeless people challenges the powers that be.

Prayer, Poetry, Politics

by Robert Hirschfield 01-01-2012

Orange Alert: Essays on Poetry, Art, and the Architecture of Silence. And, Fasting For Ramadan: Notes from a Spiritual Practice.

American Spring?

by Robert Hirschfield 12-01-2011

Finding connections between the past, present, and future at Occupy Wall Street.

Out of Place

by Robert Hirschfield 03-01-2010
Poet Meena Alexander and the shifting terrain of the migrant experience.

Peering Through the Wall

by Robert Hirschfield 11-01-2009

How the Israeli media cover the occupation

A Better Path

by Robert Hirschfield 07-01-2008
Is it time for a Palestinian Ministry of Nonviolence?