Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.

Otis Moss Jr. is an American pastor, theologian, speaker, author, and activist. Moss is well known for his involvement in the American Civil Rights movement and his friendship with both Martin Luther King Jr. and Martin Luther King Sr.

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Why Racism Is (Almost) Omnipotent

by Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. 11-15-2013
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'We are living in the dark days before the Advent.' mdgn / shutterstock

I must use the adverb “almost” because there is a necessary distinction between all and some. It is the difference between mighty and almighty.

But we must never forget that whatever is mighty can harness the power to destroy lives, families, communities, institutions, and nations. This is what racism does on a daily basis.

We have, to some degree, lost the will and/or the capacity to identify and challenge this destructive and powerful force in our culture and institutions.

This Advent season presents the church with a great moment — an opportunity — to sharpen its discernment. It is an opportunity for the church and the world to experience a new birth in love, racial justice, and reconciliation.