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Bound to Our Siblings

“We are citizens of an earthly realm, which deserves our loyalty and respect. However, we are also always bound to all of our brothers and sisters in the family of our one heavenly parent. And when there is a conflict between the demands of our faith and the demands of our nation, we must place God first. The blessing of living in a democracy is that we can actually have a voice in the laws that our nation establishes ... We can steward the talent of our voices, votes, and influence for the shalom of our communities and society.” 


“In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the world that wherever one of the little ones is rejected – whether the hungry is left unfed or the prisoner unvisited or the stranger unwelcomed — he takes it personally. Whenever we ignore or turn away those in need, we hurt Jesus. And in the end, that hurts us all. We often pass by the hungry, forget the prisoner, and reject the stranger — hurting ourselves and others in the process.”