Nontando Hadebe

Nontando Hadebe, a former Sojourners intern, is originally from Zimbabwe and is now pursuing graduate studies in theology in South Africa.

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Woza 2010 Woza! Reasons for Optimism in Africa

by Nontando Hadebe 01-13-2010
Woza 2010 Woza!

Perseverance with Vision in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 11-26-2009

By persevering the egg walks on legs.
(Ethiopian Proverb)

Zimbabwe's Cycle of Crisis

by Nontando Hadebe 11-10-2009
The outcome of regional intervention in Zimbabwe has been a thirty day ultimat

Regional Leaders Take More Confrontational Approach to Zimbabwe's Crisis

by Nontando Hadebe 11-03-2009
Over a week has passed after the partial withdrawal of the opposition party (MDC) from the unity government.

Danger and Opportunity in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 10-19-2009
The Chinese symbol for crisis can mean either danger or opportunity.

Surprises in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 10-13-2009
My brief visit to Zimbabwe had a few surprises, such as availability of basic foodstuffs instead of empty shelves in supermarkets.

Flickers of Hope for Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 09-23-2009
Most of the news coming from Zimbabwe is so discouraging and heartbreaking that it is becoming harder to sustain hope.

Truth and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe?

by Nontando Hadebe 09-09-2009
Last week the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) pledged to support the program on national healing in Zimbabwe.

Zuma's Visit to Zimbabwe: Seeking 'Batho Pele'

by Nontando Hadebe 09-01-2009
There is a Sotho expression, batho pele -- meaning "putting people first" -- that one wishes could inform politics in Zimbabwe.

Clinton's Africa Trip and Tutu's Legacy

by Nontando Hadebe 08-18-2009
August is women's month in South Africa, with Woman's Day celebrated on August 9.