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Is Lamb to the Slaughter the Best We've Got?

by Melvin Bray 03-28-2012
Photo by Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images

Many children, many wearing hoodies in solidarity for Trayvon Martin march together. Photo by Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images

I don't want to say too much. I don't want to over-explain. I know that leaves lots of room for misinterpretation. I just want to ask you to wrestle with a few questions.

I was asked last week what my greatest fear as a father of a black boy is in light of the Trayvon Martin murder. My greatest fear for my children is the cautious regret I see on the many faces that can’t help but leave open the possibility there may be some justification for this tragedy. Rest assured George Zimmerman and his supporters will exploit this deep-seated immutable suspicion, just like Susan Smith did so many years ago.

Why People of Color Should Attend the Wild Goose Festival

by Melvin Bray 05-24-2011
This June, I plan to attend the Wild Goose Festival, an arts, music, justice, and spirituality festival in Shakori Hills, North Carolina. My appeal to you is simple.

The Implications of Calling Cordoba House a "Mosque"

by Melvin Bray 08-18-2010
Islam did not attack America on Sept. 11 -- terrorists did.

The Immoral Impediments to Immigration Reform

by Melvin Bray 08-04-2010
One day I'd love to understand why conservatives seem so good at public relations, while liberals, at ridicule.

Interview with Brian McLaren About 'A New Kind of Christianity' (Part 2)

by Melvin Bray 02-19-2010

Interview with Brian McLaren About 'A New Kind of Christianity'

by Melvin Bray 02-18-2010

A Prayer of Confession, Repentance, and Action for Haiti

by Melvin Bray 01-18-2010
Hear our cry, O Lord. Attend unto our earnest prayer. From cracks in the earth, O Lord, do we cry unto you.

'Irreconcilable Islam' and Irascible Christianity, Part 2

by Melvin Bray 01-06-2010
[continued from part 1] If duplicity were the only moral failing in Gi

Gingrich Labels 'Irreconcilable Wing of Islam' but Ignores Irascible Christianity

by Melvin Bray 01-05-2010
"'Tell me what distinguishes the murderer at Fort Hood, the people we arrested in Denver and Detroit and New York, and the five people who were just picked up in Pakistan?'" Former House Speaker Ne

Health-Care Reform: Leading with Respect

by Melvin Bray 07-28-2009
Americans are dying for want of health care.