Matthew Soerens

Matthew Soerens is the U.S. director of church mobilization for World Relief and is the coauthor of Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion and Truth in the Immigration Debate (InterVarsity Press, 2018).

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A Pastor's Testimony of Redemption May End in Deportation

by Matthew Soerens 03-12-2010

Pastor Walter is experiencing firsthand the effects of a broken immigration system. Walter migrated to the United States from Colombia when he was young, petitioned by his parents, who were Lawful Permanent Residents. Walter's parents wanted for their son to enjoy the opportunities that the United States had to offer.

What Happens When a Wheaton Grad Runs for Congress as a Democrat

by Matthew Soerens 11-13-2009

Last weekend, as a group of religiously-committed pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives found themselves at odds with the majority of their party over an abortion-related amendment in

Conservative Evangelicals and Immigration

by Matthew Soerens 11-11-2009
A few weeks ago, I sat and listened attentively as a series of American religious leaders explained to several members of a

The Financial Barriers to Legal Immigration

by Matthew Soerens 10-02-2009
The Los Angeles Times reported last week that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service

Let the Little Children Come: Scripture and the DREAM Act

by Matthew Soerens 07-09-2009
Throughout the Old Testament, we find God's repeated command to care and look out for immigrants.