Matthew Soerens

Matthew Soerens is the U.S. director of church mobilization for World Relief. He is the co-author of Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis. 

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What Happens When a Wheaton Grad Runs for Congress as a Democrat

by Matthew Soerens 11-13-2009

Last weekend, as a group of religiously-committed pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives found themselves at odds with the majority of their party over an abortion-related amendment in

Conservative Evangelicals and Immigration

by Matthew Soerens 11-11-2009
A few weeks ago, I sat and listened attentively as a series of American religious leaders explained to several members of a

The Financial Barriers to Legal Immigration

by Matthew Soerens 10-02-2009
The Los Angeles Times reported last week that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service

Let the Little Children Come: Scripture and the DREAM Act

by Matthew Soerens 07-09-2009
Throughout the Old Testament, we find God's repeated command to care and look out for immigrants.