Mary Catherine Hinds

Mary Catherine Hinds is a wife and mother of two children and the senior field director for the Southeast U.S. for CWS. CWS is best known locally for its CROP Hunger Walk community fundraising events.

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From Numbness to Action: Ending World Hunger

by Mary Catherine Hinds 10-18-2013

Mary Catherine Hinds with family at the Shallotte, N.C., CROP Hunger Walk. Photo via RNS, courtesy Mary Catherine Hinds.

My child ate today. Breakfast was pancakes and sausage.

Walking to school I said, “If you don’t like the leftover hamburger that I put in your lunchbox, just buy something from the cafeteria. You have plenty of money in your account.”

Tonight we will have tacos, but if I am too tired to cook, we will order pizza.

I am grateful that I can feed my child every day.