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The Right to Act in Conscience

by Logan Isaac 10-13-2010

This is the second installment of a series Logan Mehl-Laituri is writing for God's Politics focusing on selective conscientious objection. Read his first installment here.

Securing Soldiers' Rights to Selective Conscientious Objection

by Logan Isaac 09-30-2010

Last March I testified at the Truth Commission on Conscience in War (TCCW) at the Riverside Church in New York City.

Seeking Peace Among the Peoples

by Logan Isaac 08-06-2010
Last weekend, Christian leaders and lay persons from all walks of life and just about every denominational body came together for the Peace Among the Peoples

Wikileaks, Truth Tellers, and a Crisis of Conscience

by Logan Isaac 07-27-2010
I've been staying with friends over the summer as I make my way slowly to North Carolina for divinity school, and I have been enjoying a few luxuries that I'm not used to, like television.

Video of Civilian Deaths in Iraq and America's Culture of Violence

by Logan Isaac 04-07-2010

"C'mon, just let us shoot

We All Share Responsibility for Going to War -- and for Stopping It

by Logan Isaac 03-19-2010

A comment on my recent blog about The Hurt Locker really got my blood boiling.

Hurt Locker Can't Contain the Reality of War

by Logan Isaac 03-09-2010

I am not a movie buff by any standard, but somehow I suspect I am not the only one who was more than a little surprised at the reception of the latest war movie at Sunday's Oscars.

The Contentious Issue of 'Selective Conscientious Objection'

by Logan Isaac 03-01-2010

Encouraging Informed Freedom of Conscience on Questions of War

by Logan Isaac 02-09-2010
Not long ago, I blogged about my trip to Iraq with fellow God's Politics blogger Shane Claiborne and

Reinvigorating the Discourse on Just War and Pacifism

by Logan Isaac 02-02-2010
Before I went to Iraq with my friend and fellow God's Politics contributor http://blog.sojo.net/author/sh