Circulation Assistant

Julianna Swyers Nikodym is a true Cardinals fan, born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. Empathy and social change were values engrained in her from a young age by her loving, goofy family. She joins Sojourners just after graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. with a Bachelors in American Studies and a minor in Anthropology.

While at Emory, she joined the Voices of Inner Strength gospel choir and fell in love with the way music and faith interact. Back in St. Louis, Julianna is a proud disciple of St. John’s United Church of Christ (the Beloved Community). Here, the realization of God’s intrinsic justice became clearer. She believes in no justice, no peace; only God can truly provide both. Her goal, in life and while at Sojourners, is to discover how God plans to use her gifts and privileges to do God’s work in the world. For fun, Julianna loves eating pretzels and Nutella; dancing like no one’s watching while no one is, in fact, watching; and absorbing a potentially unhealthy number of movies. She is deeply thankful and excited for this opportunity to learn, grow, and explore.