Julia Alvarez

Julia Alvarez
Julia Alvarez

Julia Alvarez is the author of books of fiction, essays, poetry, and stories for children. She received a National Medal of Arts in 2014. 

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Poetry: Not a Thief

by Julia Alvarez 01-04-2016
Laborant / Shutterstock

Laborant / Shutterstock

They steal more than our cash who steal our money, dropped bills
slipped in a finder’s pocket, a wallet emptied of its fill;
they steal a kinder world where we look out for each other,
call to know: How did your date, or, surgery go?

'Unless Somebody Steps in to Help...'

by Julia Alvarez 06-08-2015

Illustration by M.P. Wiggins

As much as we'd prefer feel-good activism, the beatitudes pull us out of the comfort zone of the self that always wants to stop at having "done its part."