Mobilizing/Executive Assistant

Hello! I am Joy, and I am thrilled to have the privilege of working with Sojourners as the mobilizing assistant this year. I grew up in Nevada City, California where I lived surrounded by pine trees with my family. I grew up in the Unity tradition, a progressive, practical, prayer-centered iteration of Christianity, that helped sculpt my spiritual foundations: belief in the power of our intentional thoughts (prayer), the power of silence, and the affirmation that god is Good and this divinity dwells in every single person.

I recently graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio, where I majored in religion and sociology. During my college years I worked as a peer educator on sexual violence prevention, lived in intentional cooperative communities, and was an enthusiastic participant on our cross country and track teams—an exhausting but rewarding excuse to be in nature and spend time with beloved friends. I focused my academic attention on the intersections of religion, gender, and justice. I had the privilege to travel as a form of study throughout college and believe these experiences were fundamental to my convictions and understanding of global economic, environmental, and social justice today.

I was drawn to the Sojourners Fellowship Program because I feel compelled to live in intentional spiritual community. I believe in the myriad ways that sharing resources, time, talents, and space with others can benefit the world. I am delighted to be working for an organization that utilizes theology and faith to motivate and guide its work to address inequalities, pain, and injustice. It is a personal passion of mine to learn how best to mobilize people of faith for justice­, both in their spiritual communities and their personal lives. I think I might have heard of an organization that does just that…

Lots of gratitude for Sojourners and the incredible staff who are making this year happen for us all!