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Stopping Traffic

The new global anti-trafficking movement is expanding in Europe, where churches have joined a coalition to advocate for an end to human trafficking within European Union member states.

Faith and Values

Sojourners hosted in June a first-of-its-kind, live special edition of CNN's "The Situation Room." Jim Wallis, CNN's Soledad O'Brien, and national religious leaders questioned leading Democratic presi

Rising Green Tide Could Lift All Boats

Promoting "green industry" can foster an economy that benefits all Americans and is strong enough to lift people out of poverty, according to "Community Jobs in the Green Economy," a new report fro

News Bites

  • Travel Bans. The Treasury Department dropped the threat of a $34,000 fine against five Alliance of Baptists churches for allegedly violating the U.S.
  • Real Product: Freedom Ale!

    Freedom Ale!

    Power Punch

    Finally, researchers have harnessed the fruit of the spirit into a new kind of energy drink!

    America's Four Views of God

    American theists perceive God in four general ways, according to findings from the Baylor Religion Survey.

    'Guest Worker' or Slave?

    In the public debate over immigration reform, President Bush has been pushing a guest worker program that would allow immigrant workers to apply for temporary employment in certain sectors.

    That's Deep!

    Members of Reef Relief in Key West, Florida, dove down to the Sand Key reef to join in the national day of climate action held April 14 in the U.S.

    News Bites

    Poor Diet. In April, Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski encouraged all Oregonians to take the "Food Stamp Challenge" by living on an average food stamp budget of $21 per person per week.