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John Thornton Jr. is a pastor based in Winston-Salem, N.C. He received a B.A. in Religious Studies from Baylor University and a Masters of Divinity from Duke Divinity School.

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The Suffering We Scroll Past

by John Thornton 12-03-2018
Why Portraits of Pain Don't Elicit Compassion

Giles Lambert / Unsplash

We hope that the suffering we’ve seen on our social media feeds will provide consensus. We convince ourselves that this moment, this tragedy, this picture of suffering will provide the common denominator that will spark people’s compassion. How can anyone look at the picture of a child running from tear gas and not feel compassion? By calling to mind these images in our sermons, we hope to open people up to hearing about different political solutions to the problem at hand. If anything, we’ll all agree that we must do something.

Why a Southern Church Is Hosting Socialist Meetings

by Chris Agoranos, by John Thornton 04-22-2018

What began with a panel of organizers and activists presenting on the realities of inequality in our city turned into a community conversation led by people directly affected by pressing issues like the lack of affordable housing and low wages. The forum created the occasion for people to speak prophetically, just as it created the occasion for members of the church to hear them, to repent, and to leave changed. All of this happened because the church opened its doors to people from the outside without fear of the fact that they came with serious questions about capitalism.