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Joan Chittister, OSB, a Sojourners contributing editor, is executive director of Benetvision and the author of many books, including The Monastery of the Heart (Bluebridge, 2011). For more, visit

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Grief, Courage, and Perseverance

Reflections on stopping gun violence, a year after the massacre in Newtown.
swatchandsoda / Shutterstock

swatchandsoda / Shutterstock

[editor's note: This article first appeared in our December 2013 issue to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting.]

IN THE YEAR since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last Dec. 14, thousands more have died by gun violence, and the NRA seems to stymie sane firearm measures at every turn. How do we stave off despair, hold on to hope, and keep moving forward when the odds feel overwhelming? —The Editors

A 'Hostile Takeover' of Women Religious

by Joan Chittister 07-01-2012

The Vatican attacks on Catholic sisters will sap the church's impact in the world.

Monasteries of the Heart

by Joan Chittister 12-01-2011

A vibrant spirituality for our troubled times grows out of a centuries-old tradition.

In God's Time

by Joan Chittister 11-01-2009
An excerpt from Joan Chittister

What Sustains Me: Lectio

by Joan Chittister 06-25-2009
Editor's note: In "What Sustains Me," an article in the

9/11, Five Years On

by Joan Chittister 09-01-2006
Has the world changed? Or have we?

The Gift of Struggle

by Joan Chittister 03-01-2003

Struggle is a universal part of human experience, but hope—though hard to see in disappointing circumstances—is the other side of that coin.

The Faith Will Survive

by Joan Chittister 07-01-2002

The institutional church, on the other hand, is in serious trouble. Here's why.

Seeing With One Eye

by Joan Chittister 07-01-2002

Will the pedophilia scandal affect the role of women in the church?

A Dangerous Discipleship

by Joan Chittister 01-01-2002

"Whenever people discover that they have rights, they have the responsibility to claim them."

—John XXIII, "Pacem in Terris"