Cutting health funding for the poor in order to slash taxes for the rich is a moral decision and declaration of moral priorities.

There is a need now for more than journalistic fact checking. Deeper moral reflection is now required.

When cutting health insurance coverage for the poor is combined with slashing taxes for the rich, it exposes a moral juxtaposition and a fundamental biblical contradiction.

You find Jesus among the most vulnerable members of society.

The only answer to the racial divide among Christians is to go much deeper into what racial equity and healing will require. 

As important as protest is, each of us has to also be faithful to our own callings in direct response to the crisis we face in America.

Let’s be clear: President Trump’s executive order is not about security; it is about ideology.

Faith must stand up for itself, for its values, for its standards, and for its priorities.

In 2008, our nation seemed ready for that new America that Barack Obama represented. White backlash began almost immediately.

Donald Trump masterfully turned economic resentments and genuine grievances against a rigged system into blame, fear, anger, and racial resentment. Pundits called it populism.

This is the great reversal of Christmas. In God’s name, all oppression, and racial bigotry, and the fueling of division and conflict for political self-interest … shall cease.

The politics going on now are indeed beyond our control — but we can control what we do with our own faith and with our own actions.

A good friend of mine, a well-respected black Christian leader, called it a lynching. But with a gun, and not a rope. I agree.

This is not normal. None of this is normal. 

One advantage of being in exile for the children of Israel was that some of the strongest prophetic voices emerged — like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others; I believe that will happen for us, too.

We at Sojourners are all in for whatever is required over the next four years and beyond, as a publication, as a resource, as a community, as a network of activists. Here’s how we get started.

At Sojourners, we will be in for whatever it takes to stand with our brothers and sisters under attack.

Are you willing to speak out on this last Sunday before this election?