“Kids are dying who shouldn’t die,” said Robert Beck, a World Vision doctor. “They die in our arms. It’s hard to believe.

Last month, the government again sought to use its food aid programs more for the political requirements of American foreign policy and the interests of agribusiness rather than to meet the needs of starving people.

“The Young Evangelicals” has been the newest phrase to emerge on the theological landscape this past year.

I have been following recent events in Korea with mounting concern.

The community, which has gone through many growing pains, is in a period of building and growing in the confidence that God has a future for us together. 

In his first public appearance since granting a full and unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon, President Gerald Ford was booed by an angry Pittsburgh crowd carrying signs reading “Justice Died.”

I am a white male and my family roots are in the American middle-class.

The salvation that Christ brings can be understood as the gift of life that frees men and women from all forms of bondage and restores them to their lost personhood.

A Report on the Calvin Conference on Christianity and Politics

America is a fallen nation. The fall is the principle spiritual and political fact of the American nation.

Watergate exposed a government whose operational principles were deceit, corruption, and manipulation.

The gospel calls us to repentance and invites us to the new community of those who seek to bear witness to the new order of the kingdom

There is much reason for celebration as we witness a growing body of Christian conscience across our land.

We are people who began meeting together, attracted by our mutual rejection of the permeating American ethos and our mutual belief that the alternative lay somewhere in radical obedience to Jesus C

To be Christian is to be radical.