In a time when bipartisanship seems like a forgotten dream, it is important for us to find and celebrate cases of lawmakers coming together, regardless of party and ideology, to address the many real and immediate challenges we face as a country. Especially on issues of importance to the faith community, we should encourage bipartisan cooperation that seeks justice and mercy for families, communities, and those otherwise marginalized across our nation.

 Children do not belong in prison—full stop.

Donald Trump’s behavior in Helsinki was not just shameful and disastrous. It was also, on a deeper level, clarifying.

This past weekend, we saw an incredible outpouring of support for immigrants and asylum seekers to the U.S., with rallies and marches occurring across the country in response to the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy at the border and the consequent separation of thousands of children from their families.

We have a clear Christian mandate to ensure that society's most vulnerable can exercise the right to vote. 

Donald Trump’s travel ban conflicts with our Christian faith, and we will oppose it as a matter of faith.

Trump claims his executive order has “solved the problem” of family separations. But it hasn’t.

In turbulent times such as these, it is time to be radically rooted as followers of Jesus before anything else.

The Jesus we have been called to obey and serve offers a powerful alternative to this moral crisis.

In the first week of Pentecost, at what became an extraordinary service, thousands gathered at the National City Christian Church to participate in a candlelight procession and vigil at the White House.

Why aren't more male clergy preaching about domestic and sexual violence?

This vigil, and our declaration calling us to Reclaim Jesus in this moment, are both figuratively and literally about light and darkness. Watch tonight.

Peter Borgdorff was a giant.

Will you join us and show the world that the followers of Jesus refuse to be complicit and refuse to be silent?

Here are ways you can join us, and say publicly that you are reclaiming Jesus from those who would co-opt his name.

Cone’s writing and teaching has changed countless legions of lives, and this white disciple of Rev. Dr. James Cone is deeply grateful.

The future of the nation's soul and the integrity of faith are both at stake.

The best word to describe the environment of Wheaton event wasn’t “bashing” — rather, it was deep embarrassment and deep concern about the future of evangelical faith.

White evangelicals have been exposed as hypocrites for sacrificing their morals in this election at the altar of power.

The recovery of financial markets has been very good — for the already wealthy.