Many of us faith leaders believe a constitutional crisis is coming in 2019.

“Do not be afraid” is the most often repeated command in the Bible.

America still has a choice to make: Will we be a racist nation going forward?

The faith leaders at the border this weekend will lift biblical morality instead of defiling it.

This week is revealing an inescapable contrast between personal and public values and practice by a passing president and the ruling one.

This bill is aptly named as the First Step Act.

The contrast between how Indigenous people welcomed and aided migrants to their shores and the way President Trump and his allies talked about asylum seekers could not be more striking.

Anti-Semitism and white supremacy will not win.

We have a long road ahead of us and the integrity of our faith is clearly at stake.

The fierce battle for control of Congress and the nation’s governorships has turned toward blatant and overtly racial attacks rarely seen since the civil rights era of the 1960s.

We must vote in the election against hatred, against lies, against the strategies, tactics, words, and policies of white nationalism.

Historically, the most autocratic leaders around the world feel compelled to prop up their legitimacy with falsehoods, changing the political narrative by lying about it.

The hope of Jesus' return overshadows the current atrocities of this world.

The systemic white strategy is to prevent America’s changing demography from changing America’s democracy.

Why should we care about resuscitating the term “evangelical”?

Brett Kavanaugh must not be elevated to the Supreme Court.

How will the church step up? How will we care for the survivors in our communities, in our pews, in our pulpits?

The administration is threatening the soul of this nation.

The best funeral services are not only about the past, but also about the future.