Jim Crow's five-point plan for the 21st century. 

Standing Rock represents a taste of the battles to come to protect creation during the Trump presidency.

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People of faith, like the country, are divided politically as to who and what will best serve the range of issues we care about.

The Holy Spirit confers on us the power to reach people and change the world when we take our faith into the public square. Today, that is needed as much as it has ever been.

Together, our light can draw strength from the Light of the world, which shines in the darkness, and which the darkness has never and can never overcome. 

Jim Wallis delivers the following remarks at the A.C.T. Now! Rally to End Racism on the National Mall, marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

If we take that text seriously ... and if we believe that Jesus is Lord, we see clearly that the contrast between the evangel and white evangelicals.

Hope means believing in spite of the evidence, then watching the evidence change.

We believe that the future of the nation’s soul, and the integrity of faith, are both at stake.

As Trump and Kim Jong-un approach possible conversations, here are 3 truths for American Christians to keep in mind.

Let's start with a church boycott of the NRA.

Civil disobedience can be a critical tactic in the toolbox of social change.

We were also told that we could never end the war. But we did.

The language Trump used in the State of the Union was positively Orwellian.

The faith community will need to respond to growing concern about authoritarian political leadership in the United States.

"While we have different positions on other questions, we are uniting on the gospel and biblical teaching on poverty and racism—feeling invited to do so by the grace of God in Jesus Christ.”

Dreamers are essential members of our communities. As politicians play games with their futures, it’s important that we share their stories.

Our nation's moral and political discourse is in serious trouble.

America’s original sin of racism lingers on.

The silence of Republicans has so far been not only deafening but revelatory.