Who knows why Mueller waited this long to speak except that this man seems to move slowly, methodically, and not always clearly or courageously.

It always astounds, and to be honest, angers me how the same legislators who focus only on abortion pay little or no attention to lives and needs of women and children.

Rachel’s voice offered reasons not to give up on Christianity altogether. She left evangelicalism but not the faith.

In these perilous and chaotic times, we want to ask you to consider applying or nominating any other faith and justice leaders that you know to join us for The Summit 2019.

Without repeating all the coverage and commentary on the full report, here are my takeaways from a moral lens.

What the sport can teach us about the greatest gift of Christianity.

Believing in this resurrection helps me more easily see the continuing signs of hope in our world.

There are new voices on religion and politics — and they’re coming from the Democratic, and not the Republican side.

Discernment. That is what is most needed in a week of news like this one.

White power terrorist killings are on the rise in America and around the world, and our leaders are not showing any intent to address them.

The midterms spurred new discussions on healthcare and climate change. Now, we must act.

This precarious national situation requires a season of prayer, fasting, humility, and repentance.

That split shows, painfully, that the church is no better place to heal division than anywhere else in our culture.

Words from Minnesota’s Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, the highest-ranking Indigenous woman ever elected to a state’s executive office.

Prayer and fasting prepares us for action; prayer and fasting are actions in themselves.

The real state of the union was shown elsewhere this past week.

Let us first be thankful, then ask what is next.

The U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia is only the most recent of a long list of deadly alliances.

Sojourners is collecting and delivering your prayers to your senators and to McConnell in person here in Washington, D.C.

In the face of Donald Trump’s lies, we must continue to stand up for the truth.