The Jesus we have been called to obey and serve offers a powerful alternative to this moral crisis.

In the first week of Pentecost, at what became an extraordinary service, thousands gathered at the National City Christian Church to participate in a candlelight procession and vigil at the White House.

Why aren't more male clergy preaching about domestic and sexual violence?

This vigil, and our declaration calling us to Reclaim Jesus in this moment, are both figuratively and literally about light and darkness. Watch tonight.

Peter Borgdorff was a giant.

Will you join us and show the world that the followers of Jesus refuse to be complicit and refuse to be silent?

Here are ways you can join us, and say publicly that you are reclaiming Jesus from those who would co-opt his name.

Cone’s writing and teaching has changed countless legions of lives, and this white disciple of Rev. Dr. James Cone is deeply grateful.

The future of the nation's soul and the integrity of faith are both at stake.

The best word to describe the environment of Wheaton event wasn’t “bashing” — rather, it was deep embarrassment and deep concern about the future of evangelical faith.

JP Keenan / Sojourners

Thousands of people of faith have decided to act. 

Jim Crow's five-point plan for the 21st century. 

Standing Rock represents a taste of the battles to come to protect creation during the Trump presidency.

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People of faith, like the country, are divided politically as to who and what will best serve the range of issues we care about.

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Trump chose to isolate the U.S. on an issue on which there is nearly unprecedented global consensus. 

The seemingly pathological lying of the president is a moral and a religious crisis. 

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Trump's budget cuts $800 billion from programs for the poor—and has a $43 billion increase in military spending. 

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The Obama presidency marked a historic era in the movement to undo white supremacy and privilege.

White evangelicals have been exposed as hypocrites for sacrificing their morals in this election at the altar of power.

The recovery of financial markets has been very good — for the already wealthy.