Campaigns and Mobilizing Assistant

Jewel 하나 (or Hana) Chung (she/her) is a lifelong learner, activist, dancer, and most recently, the campaigns and mobilizing assistant for Sojourners. Jewel has lived in Los Angeles, Calif.; Busan, South Korea; Grand Rapids, Mich.; and sojourned briefly in Accra, Ghana and Eleuthera, The Bahamas. She received her bachelor’s degree from Calvin University with majors in social work and global development studies in 2022.

Jewel’s mission is to live each day with her identity rested in God, moving towards holistic reconciliation through a trauma-informed lens and creating safe spaces where people can bring their entire selves. She dreams of a world where everyone is invited and welcomed to a warm meal.

As a second-generation Korean American woman living in the United States, Jewel finds the never-ending narratives of violence, war, poverty to be numbing. In response, Jewel acts in resistance to Western norms through rest and solitude. She lives to never stop dreaming and joining God’s work of building a new reality with her community — a new reality that the world needs desperately.

When she’s not picking up a new hobby, you can find her reading a book, listening to the city outside her window, looking for a body of water, chatting with her loved ones, and/or eating something delicious, perhaps all at once.