James W. Douglass

James W. Douglass is a Catholic peace activist, theologian, and author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters

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The End and the Beginning

Reflections on the revised common lectionary (November 5 - December 24)

Blood and Water in Sarajevo

by James W. Douglass 05-01-1994

Jim Douglass traveled to Bosnia to continue his work of building support for a peace pilgrimage of world religious leaders to Sarajevo.

Tracking the White Train

by James W. Douglass 02-01-1984

People of faith resist the rolling threat

A Leaven in the Leaven

by James W. Douglass 05-01-1983

Civil disobedience: a forum

Patriarchy And The Pentagon Make Abortion Inevitable

by James W. Douglass 11-01-1980

Not long ago I met a man who has dedicated much of his time and energy to a pro-life group. He was discouraged at the results of that work.