Circulation Assistant

Jackie Resh (she/her) is the circulation assistant at Sojourners. This fellowship year moved her out of her home state of Minnesota, where she studied justice and peace, general business management, and sustainability at the University of St. Thomas.

She deeply cares about and is interested in the intersectionality of justice issues. She believes that how we interact with each other and the earth we call home matters—and that Jesus gives us the framework to do this well. As one of her favorite authors, Robin Wall Kimmerer, writes: “All flourishing is mutual.” Jackie is grateful the Sojourners Fellowship Program allows her to integrate her faith and wide span of interests to seek this collective flourishing.

The pandemic has taught Jackie how to cut her roommates’ hair in the kitchen, given her a love/hate relationship with running, and made the outdoors an even more treasured space. She’s perfected the art of making stovetop popcorn, perhaps spends too much time on Spotify, and could happily spend all day at a farmer’s market. Connect with Jackie on LinkedIn.