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Gaza: A War Without Winners

by J. Daryl Byler 01-27-2009
I began a fast for peace when Israeli troops entered the Gaza Strip. Last week, I ended the fast, as fighting has stopped and most if not all the troops have left Gaza.

The Weakness of War

by J. Daryl Byler 03-17-2008

The Cost of War

"Can I forgive the people who killed my husband?"

It was perhaps the most practical and personal question asked during a recent meeting of Iraqi civil society leaders who had gathered to advise the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) about its future peacebuilding work in [...]

Creating New Wineskins

by J. Daryl Byler 09-01-2003

While many in the U.S. civil rights movement were busy integrating lunch counters, others took on an even tougher challenge—integrating U.S. churches.