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Remembering Will Campbell

by Rev. Gordon C. Stewart 06-06-2013
Will D. Campbell's book, 'Brother to a Dragonfly'

Will D. Campbell's book, 'Brother to a Dragonfly'

[Will Campbell] confused his critics – first the Right and then the Left – by insisting that his soul did not belong to any team – racial, political, religious, cultural. It belonged to the Kingdom of God. There was only one team, and that was the family of ALL God’s children everywhere. 

Compassion came first in his hierarchy of values. Compassion led him to campaign for justice in the Civil Rights Movement, and compassion led him to sip whiskey with the cross-burners in the rocking chairs on their front porches. His was a ministry of reconciliation, a living, idiosyncratic expression a bold declaration of the biblical Gospel that God was in Christ reconciling the world to God’s own self.

Space for Silence

by Rev. Gordon C. Stewart 04-03-2013

"Finding God in the Depths of Silence," (March 2013) by Richard Rohr was a thoughtful reflection. Japanese theologian Kosuke Koyama said late in life that we need to shift to spatial images of God. God is a spacious God! I love the silence and the spaciousness in Rohr's invitation. Thank you for taking us into the greater not-self in this era dominated by the small rooms of "the virtue of selfishness" (Ayn Rand).

Rev. Gordon C. Stewart
Chaska, Minnesota