Gareth Higgins

Gareth Higgins is a writer and broadcaster from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who has worked as an academic and activist. He is the author of Cinematic States: America in 50 Movies and How Movies Helped Save My Soul: Finding Spiritual Fingerprints in Culturally Significant Films. He blogs at and co-presents “The Film Talk” podcast with Jett Loe at He is also a Sojourners contributing editor. Originally from Northern Ireland, he lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Projecting Possibility

by Gareth Higgins 07-13-2015
The purpose of art is to help us live better.

The purpose of art is to help us live better. 

The Ultimate Threat

by Gareth Higgins 06-08-2015

Too much is going on, and not all of it is good. 

Maria and the Rabbi

by Gareth Higgins 05-06-2015

Lest we forget, The Sound of Music is a story of hope triumphing almost unimaginable odds.

Trials and Tribulations

by Gareth Higgins 04-02-2015

The extraordinary film Leviathan takes place in a tiny coastal town on the other side of the world, but it relates to all our dreams and fears.

A Newsfeed of Fear

by Gareth Higgins 04-01-2015

You wouldn't know it from the headlines, but things are getting better. 

Shooting in a Moral Vacuum

by Gareth Higgins 03-09-2015

If the purpose of art is to help us live better, then to have integrity, storytellers who feature characters who behave badly have a responsibility to illunminate their motivation and context. 

Moved, or Moved to Act?

by Gareth Higgins 02-05-2015

These films create new benchmarks for the mainstream depiction of black history, black struggle, and wider perceptions. 

A Year of Great Films

by Gareth Higgins 01-06-2015

Here's my list of the 10 best films of 2014 (many more are worthy, but 10 are all that will fit). 

A Better Kind of Good

by Gareth Higgins 12-09-2014

A cisgender straight character dressing up has little or nothing to do with the real stories of the "T" in LGBTQ. 

A Culture War Misfire

by Gareth Higgins 11-06-2014

They think that what they're doing is changing the world for the better, but that's doubtful.