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Who Hijacked My Church?

by Chuck Gutenson 03-01-2012
Illustration by Janusz Kapusta/Getty Images.

Illustration by Janusz Kapusta/Getty Images.

“Church folks are just too political!”

When people are asked why they have decided to leave the church, this has become an increasingly popular response. And, sadly, it is a particularly popular response for those in the 18-29 year old demographic. That we Christians have allowed ourselves to become too political and too partisan is a major contributor to the decline of the church.

Partisanship and its corrosive effects are not a new thing to the culture at large. However, more and more that cultural partisanship is infecting the church and gnawing away at the bonds which are supposed to hold them together. In the process, the church gets hijacked and redeployed for partisan ends, leaving those expecting better from the church disappointed. 

Christians and the Common Good

by Chuck Gutenson 05-09-2011
For the longest time, when Christians have thought about political engagement, they have often begun the discussion with the question: What is the biblical role of government?

Taking the Bible Seriously

by Chuck Gutenson 04-01-2011

Too often we try to make scripture fit our own agenda, rather than the other way around.

What We Need is More Killing!

by Chuck Gutenson 11-18-2010
Now, let me see if I have this right. Real men kill, maim, and inflict destruction. Saving lives and rescuing those in harm's way is, well, feminine.

Political Meltdown

by Chuck Gutenson 10-08-2010
It is very difficult to observe the current political landscape and not conclude that the process has seriously broken down.

We Won't Back Down from Beck

by Chuck Gutenson 09-29-2010
Ah, the evils of "social justice"!

Glenn Beck: Does He Really Matter?

by Chuck Gutenson 09-08-2010
In the course of our various responses and challenges to Gl

Glenn Beck as Theologian

by Chuck Gutenson 04-15-2010
Did you know that scripture says, "there is no God?" Yep, it sure does, right there in Psalm 14:1, right after the words "The fool has said in his heart..." Interesting, isn't it?

The Family Research Council, Wolves, and Shepherds' Clothing

by Chuck Gutenson 03-16-2010

In a recent Family Research Council e-mail, in an article titled, "Rev. Wallis: Wolf in Shepard's [sic] Clothing?" Tony Perkins aligned himself with Fox News commentator Glenn Beck's recent attacks. Perkins said:

Anonymous Generosity: Go Into the Closet and Do in Secret

by Chuck Gutenson 03-02-2010
I recall a discussion once with a friend about the different kinds of needs that existed within our own community.