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Catherine Meeks was director of African American studies at Mercer University when this article appeared.

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At the Door of the Church

by Catherine Meeks 08-02-2013

It is not very difficult to understand why there is a black church and a white church in America today, or to realize that this structure will not change in the near future. The religious atmosphere created by the coming together of blacks (who were slaves) and whites (who were masters) tended to negate any possibility of developing the true unity and oneness that scripture proclaims for the church. The agendas of the slaves were vastly different from those of the masters. Unfortunately, conflict over agendas, both stated and unstated, continues to be one of the reasons that blacks and whites do not come together to worship.

In The Middle: The Challenge of Racial Reconciliation

by Catherine Meeks, by The Editors 07-31-2013

Catherine Meeks

I suppose I could live my life saying, "I will never allow myself to try to understand white people. I will cut myself off from them. I will live my life as a black woman, and I'll just keep white people in boxes." But to do that means to keep myself cut off from a part of myself. And if white people do that about black people, I think the same is true: It keeps them cut off from a part of themselves.

For those of us who are Christians, I don't think we have any choice in the matter. I think God has made it clear that we're to be reconciled to God and each other. And if we're to be reconciled to each other, that includes everyone who happens to be in the world with us.

Reconciliation demands that you not take sides; it demands that you take a stand, I think—a stand that's maybe a merging of a lot of different pieces that represent several different kinds of philosophical stances. I think that one who chooses a road of reconciliation must be willing to look at more than one side of the coin.

Herding Butterflies

by Catherine Meeks 03-01-2001

What does it take to create community? A calm and tender manner isn't a bad place to start.

Subduing Nature, and People of Color

by Catherine Meeks 08-01-1994
Race, class, and the theology of domination

Skating on Thin Ice

by Catherine Meeks 07-01-1992

Not just an isolated incident

Hearts In Solidarity

by Catherine Meeks 08-01-1991

A new family

At the Door of the Church

by Catherine Meeks 11-01-1987

This is a Challenge to White and Black People of Faith.

'Then I Will Speak Upon the Ashes'

by Catherine Meeks 12-01-1986

A Woman of Faith and Fire

A Lesson in Rainbows

by Catherine Meeks 04-01-1984

God used Ntozake Shange to help me name the pain that I felt.