Catherine Cuellar

Catherine Cuellar is the director of Entrepreneurs For North Texas at the Communities Foundation of Texas in Dallas. Follower her on Twitter @ccuellar

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'Now the Work Begins'

by Catherine Cuellar 06-01-2010

Churches in Dallas engage in the hard work of transformation in the wake of last year's Justice Revival.

Why Big D Needs a Justice Revival

by Catherine Cuellar 11-12-2009

Residents of the Lone Star state are known as proud folk, but there are a few startling facts that should make everyone -- not just residents of the third-largest metropolitan area in the U.S.

A 'Big Tent' in Dallas

by Catherine Cuellar 11-11-2009

For those who came to the Justice Revival's free opening night program (featuring former United Methodist District Superintendent and Texas State House Rep. Dr.

Investing In Second Chances

by Catherine Cuellar 07-01-2008
An innovative program helps prison inmates make a fresh start--and they're not the only ones who benefit. The Prison Entrepreneurship Program also helps churches rethink the way they view justice, prisoners, and redemption.

Curious George Goes to School

by Catherine Cuellar 06-01-2007

In March the Southern Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church voted 10 to 4 to allow land at Southern Methodist University in Dallas to be used for the George W.

Hurricane Diaspora

by Catherine Cuellar 03-01-2006
A half year after unprecedented disaster, where are the citizens of the Gulf Coast - and what do they need?