Brenda Salter McNeil

Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil is the president and founder of Salter McNeil & Associates. She is a renowned speaker and leader in the field of racial, ethnic, and gender reconciliation, and author of A Credible Witness: Reflections on Power, Evangelism and Race. This article appears courtesy of a partnership with Salter McNeil & Associates.

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Judge Refuses to Marry Interracial Couple

by Brenda Salter McNeil 10-21-2009

Why are the First Family's Hairstyles a Political Issue?

by Brenda Salter McNeil 09-18-2009
I, perhaps recklessly, began to think that the debate on black hair had finally been put to rest, that black women could choose to wear their hair straightened or natural, in braids, locks, or twis

Sister Sotomayor: Lady Justice

by Brenda Salter McNeil 09-04-2009

Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed more than one month ago, so why, you may ask, am I just now penning a blog about her historic appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court? The answer is easy -- I was scared. I was scared of offending members of the SMA community because of Justice Sotomayor's position on various hot-button issues.