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Whose America is It?

by Anthony A. Parker 07-30-2013

WHO ARE WE? WHERE ARE WE GOING? And how are we going to get there? We can no longer answer these questions. Indeed, we have stopped asking them. But just as the future of blacks seemed to be in peril when integration was introduced decades ago, our future as a viable racial and ethnic group in this country will be greatly diminished unless a new model for racial and cultural development is established.

Aborigine Justice

by Anthony A. Parker 05-01-1988

Leaders from 14 Christian denominations in Australia have issued an appeal for "reconciliation and justice" between Aborigines and Australians as that nation marks its bicentennial.

Prisoner of Conscience

by Anthony A. Parker 05-01-1988

Longtime peace activist Jim Albertini began serving a three-year prison term at the Federal Prison Camp in Lom-poc, California, in January for his role in a nonviolent protest against nuclear arm

Sanctuary News

by Anthony A. Parker 05-01-1988

The sanctuary movement is under fire again—this time in Los Angeles, where the county tax assessor is threatening to revoke the tax-exempt status of all churches providing sanctuary to undo

Anti-Nuke Protest

by Anthony A. Parker 05-01-1988

More than 50 religious anti-nuclear activists were arrested in London on Ash Wednesday for demonstrating in front of the British Defense Ministry and writing anti-nuclear slogans on the building

Church Apology

by Anthony A. Parker 05-01-1988

Ten ministers representing different Christian denominations sent a letter to 26 Indian tribes and Eskimo communities in the Pacific Northwest apologizing for the church's "long-standing particip


by Anthony A. Parker 05-01-1988

JustLife Education Fund released an election study guide emphasizing a "consistent life ethic" that seeks to end the nuclear arms race, to stop abortions, and to empower the poor.