Weekly Wrap 4.18.14: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 4-18-2014

Editor's Note: As we head into the weekend with eyes toward the resurrection, we must first journey through the darkness of Good Friday. Here are some reflections to help you reflect on that journey.

1. Simply Service
"Jesus is The Servant of Servants. If we wish to be like Jesus, we cannot forget this.There is no empire building. There is no entrepreneurial vision. There is no institution keeping. There is simply service."

2. Lent Hymn
"For in this desert silence
And dark night of the soul
I am rooting you deeper
I am making you whole"

3. How Does Dying for Our Sins Work?
"The cross is not what God inflicts upon Christ in order to forgive. The cross is what God endures in Christ as he forgives. Once we understand this, we know what we are seeing when we look at the cross: We are seeing the lengths to which a God of love will go in forgiving sin."

4. The Five Lessons of Good Friday
"The sufferings and death of Jesus, which Christians commemorate on Good Friday, may seem far removed from our everyday lives. … So what can the story of Jesus's crucifixion, as recorded in the Gospels almost 2,000 years ago, teach us about our own lives?"

5. Good Friday and the Prophets in Detention
"'Holy Week is a special time for us…' Ruth told me in her detention robe. 'Jesus’ passion gives us perspective to see that our situation is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered on the Cross. His journey encourages us to keep going.'"

6. Five Errors to Drop from Your Easter Story
Number 4: "Don't bypass the role of the women as the witnesses of the resurrected Christ."

7. Easy Easter Girl
"For people to whom life has been hard, there is a form of solace in praying to a God who does not look spotless, shining like the sun. For many, love is the very wounds of Christ, the greenish-purple skin tones, the bruised and battered life. By his wounds we are healed, the scriptures say. I didn’t realize another way to read it is like this: only the wounded can truly experience a savior."

8. The Enthralling Art of Easter
"… the agony and Crucifixion and Resurrection are no footnote. They are the bedrock we deal with. It's not hard to see why Bob Dylan became enthralled with the Christ story. It's not hard to see how people who stare too long at Titians can end up in monasteries."

9. The Risen Christ: The Call to Conversion
" For so many of us, Easter is not just a religious holiday — it is a personal celebration and re-commitment. How do we personally experience the resurrection? Every year, as I hear and say “He is risen,” I remember that it’s not just a theological affirmation, but something I need personally."


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