Weekly Wrap 4.11.14: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 4-11-2014

1. Stephen Colbert and the Death of Protestant America
The move to name Stephen Colbert as David Letterman''s replacement for his late-night slot was a surprise to many — but a cultural bellwether announcing the changing tide of religion in America? … Maybe?

What Is the Heartbleed Bug? 
New news platform Vox has the breakdown for you. Basically — change all your passwords. Change them now. 

3. The Feminists We Forgot
In a great piece for her.meneutics'' Womens'' History Month series, Sandra Glahn writes: "The teaching that women''s involvement is a new phenomenon in church history has been used to silence those whom the Spirit has gifted for leadership. And advances made on behalf of women have been attributed entirely to secular feminism. We ourselves have been complicit because we haven''t known our own history."

4. Is the Internet Killing Religion? 
A new study suggests it might be — as the uptick of those claiming no religious affiliation correlates to higher Internet use. 

5. The Big Environmental Problem Highlighted By the Search for Flight 370
"If nothing else can be learned from this bizarre hunt, one thing has become clear: There''s a ton of trash in the Indian Ocean."

6. Hobby Lobby, Christian Women, and Contraception: More Complicated Than You Might Think
A new Public Religion Research poll shows that 60 percent of Christian women believe employers should be required provide health care plans that cover contraception at no cost. Jonathan Merritt explores the data.   

7. On Pilgrimage: 20 Years After the Rwandan Genocide
Artist Nikole Lim''s beautiful words and images capture her pilgrimage alongside survivors and perpetrators of genocide. View her gorgeous photos and haunting narratives here. Her series will continue weekly on the Sojourners blog, so check back!

8. A Fascinating Visualization of World Migration
Because who doesn''t love charts? "Every year, millions of people leave their birth countries to try their fortunes in foreign lands. Where are the most popular destinations for these people? What countries are sending out streams of residents who may never come back?"

9. The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture the Human Experience
War. Love. Tragedy. A must-see gallery. 

10. Can I See Your Belly Button? 
What happens when your daughters ask you to shed your insecurities with a simple curiosity? "In that holiest of moments, they had become divine mirrors: reflecting all the beauty of co-creation. (And what is left in its wake.) But it was more than that ..."

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