Weekly Wrap 3.7.14: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 3-07-2014

1. Why Do We Need an International Women's Day?
Saturday is International Women's Day. The Guardian offers a great take on the day as four gender-equality campaigners share their views on feminism and the backlash against women's rights.

2. The Bible Reduced to Minimalist Posters
Design nerds, unite! This beautiful series of graphics depicts the books of the Bible as retro posters. Fast Company highlights designer Joseph Novak, a Presbyterian pastor, and his gallery of biblical graphics. His intent? Encouraging people to think more deeply about the Bible. Done and done.

3. To #Ashtag or Not to #Ashtag?
The age-old debate of publicly wearing ashes to commemorate the beginning of Lent (a time of self-examination and repentance) vs. the biblical "pray in a closet" exhortation went on steroids this year as Christians pondered whether #ashtag selflies were an appropriate form of prayer and penitence.

4. Everything I Know About Racism I Learned in the Church
"As a millenial, I’ve lived most of my years in our so-called 'post-racial' American church. Yet my earliest and most painful experiences of racism have all occurred in the church – at the hands of sincere Christians. And unfortunately, my stories are consistent with the stories of many other people my age and younger."

5. Unreal Sales for Mark Driscoll's Real Marriage
Did the megachurch pastor buy his way on to the New York Times bestseller list? And what are the implications for bestseller lists and for Christian witness?

6. Baptist Target Gun Enthusiasts for Outreach
It's long been a staple for some large evangelical churches to lure in the unchurched with raffles, bands, bright lights and bold colors. But now … guns?

7. Millennials in Adulthood
While many in the media still paint millennials with a certain teen-angsty brush, it's worth noting that the high end of the generation is now in their 30s. Pew Research takes a closer look at the generation as adults in its new study. Highlights = less religious, less attached to political parties.

8. QUIZ: Do You Really Have a Clue How Much Water You Use?
Answer: probably not. Take this quiz at The Atlantic Cities to find out.

9. So, What Is This 'Lent' Thing?
Want to go a step further in your lenten study and reflection? Check out this blog series on Lent, and follow throughout these 40 days for weekly study and inspiration.

10. WATCH: Baby Girl Directs Her Church Choir
CUTE BABY ALERT! This future church choir director takes her job very, very seriously.

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