Weekly Wrap 3.28.14: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 3-28-2014

 1. The 5 Photos You Need to See of President Obama's Meeting With Pope Francis
Laughing, joking, exchanging gifts. Check out these photos of President Obama's Thursday meeting with the pontiff.

2. Alarm raised over violence in Sudan's Darfur
The United Nations and the African Union have sounded an alarm over worsening violence in Sudan's western Darfur region, which is forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and hampering the distribution of aid.

3. Again, Don't Stop Sponsoring Kids
And while the responses to the controversy were many and varied, one thread rang throughout: regardless of the organization's policy, change of policy, reversal of change — don't stop sponsoring the kids World Vision serves. 

4. What I Saw When I Gave Up Mirrors for Lent
"As Christians, we subscribe to the belief that we all bear the image of God. Our best faces are already put forward—not because of Botox or Clinique but because of a divine Creator. As parents, we have the responsibility to model what it means to be secure in our identities, not only spiritually but physically as well."

5. WATCH: Everything You Hate About Advertising in One Fake Video That's Almost Too Real
McSweeny's "This Is A Generic Brand Video" script comes to "life" in this hilarious of actual stock footage. "Lest you think we’re a faceless entity, Look at all these attractive people. Here’s some of them talking and laughing And close-ups of hands passing canned goods to each other. In a setting that evokes community service."

6Lawmakers Call for Full Accountability From BP on Lake Michigan Oil Spill
The spill, while likely cleaned up soon, is of concern to many given plans to begin shipping tar sands across the Great Lakes by barge. 

7'Noah:' Deeply, Passionately Biblical
Since trailers started trickling out, people have criticized filmmaker Darren Aronofsky for taking the story of Noah to Hollywood. But, as Cathleen Falsani points out after interviewing the producer and writer and seeing the film, "They breathed new life into an ancient story, putting flesh and blood and a racing heartbeat into one of the Bible’s most emotionally complex and spiritually confounding stories."

8. Leaving the World a Little Better
Not the type to fast or give something up for Lent? Maybe it's not part of your faith tradition. But if you're still looking for a way to observe the holy season, read this blogger's take. "Every relationship is an opportunity to leave others better than we found them."

9. Will Women Ever Feel Completely Safe on Mass Transit? 
"As cities try to figure out how to boost transit ridership, and unpredictable gas prices force people to reconsider their commute, the threat of harassment and assault has been granted surprisingly little airtime. But short of solving the widespread societal problems of harassment and sexism — a tall order for even the most committed activist — there are piecemeal solutions cities can undertake to convey to women that they care about their safety on public transportation."

10. Supreme Court Divided as it Hears Argument on Contraceptive Coverage
The Washington Post offers a helpful breakdown of the two cases before the Supreme Court on the matter of the contraceptive coverage mandate. 

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