Weekly Wrap 2.22.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 2-22-2019

1. The Racial Divide Is the Political Divide

A new Public Religion Research Institute/The Atlantic poll reveals stark differences among racial groups on basic questions about the country.

2. Honoring Blackness Then and Now

“In the midst of a Trumpian presidency that mirrors the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and Herod, white nationalism that mirrors the rage of Bull Connor, blackface revelations that mirror minstrel performances, underfunded public schools in densely populated black communities and counties, unclean and undrinkable water in Flint, the distortion of kneeling to protest the killing of innocent black and brown persons during the singing of an anthem which celebrates enslavement, gentrification, and eradication of our nation’s distinct and historic black cities all masked in the claim of ‘revitalization,’ the perseverance of black America prevails.”

3. Why the United Methodist Church Seeks to End Decades-Long Battle Over LGBTQ Marriage, Ordination

This weekend, UMC conference delegates will vote on multiple potential paths forward, weighing whether to change church teachings stating that homosexual acts are sinful or provide an exit plan for those who don't share this belief. Read about the various plans up for discussion at the link.

4. Southern Baptists List 10 Recommendations for Moving Forward After Sex Abuse Report

Recommendations include looking into disaffiliating with churches for poor handling of sexual abuse cases and implementing curriculum for churches addressing sexual abuse.

5. The Growing Push to Rescind Medals of Honor Awarded to U.S. Soldiers at Wounded Knee

Observers of Native American affairs say that, while the push to rescind the medals for Wounded Knee is a sign of more actions to come, that push is the result of increasingly politically active Native American nations, empowered to address both historical, and enduring, human rights abuses.

6. Where Are Afghan Women in U.S.-Taliban Peace Talks?

While each side brings with it apparent commitments they’re willing to make, left out of the conversation seems to be any agreement on women’s rights.

7. New Election Called in North Carolina House Race Amid Claims of Mishandling of Absentee Ballots

“It was a dramatic and humbling reversal for [Republican Mark] Harris, a pastor who until now had insisted that the elections board certify his 905-vote lead over Democrat Dan McCready in the unofficial tally so that he could take a seat in Congress.”

8. Venezuela-Colombia Border Churches Fill Aid Gap in Migration Crisis

Around 42,000 Venezuelans cross Cúcuta’s border bridge every day. The exodus has overwhelmed aid organizations like Red Cross and the United Nation’s refugee agency, whose facilities have been filled to the brim in places like the Cúcuta border.

9. This Map Shows You What Your City Will Feel Like in 2080

The temps in Chicago may be nice, but what about San Antonio?

10. A History of the American Public Library

A varied history of often-beloved libraries — in graphics.

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