Weekly Wrap 10.25.13: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 10-25-2013

1. All of Christendom Responds to Mark Driscoll's Jesus Was Not a 'Pansy' Remarks
But this one in particular, from Eternity Bible College's blog, comes from a writer who views himself as generally likeminded to Driscoll. And yet he states,"Mark’s assumption that pacifists are pansies is historically naïve, theologically horrendous, and shows that Mark’s been more influenced by the worldview of those who put Jesus on the cross rather than the One who hung on it."

2. Women Gain as Gender Gap 'Narrows'
According to a World Economic Forum report, the gap between men and women has decreased in most places around the world, taking into account political participation, economic equality, and rights to health and education. Check out which countries made the top 20, and which are sadly lagging behind … 

like … 

3. Saudi Police Warn of Crackdown on 'Day of Female Driving' Protest
Saturday has been organized as the 'Day of Female Driving' in Saudi Arabia. While women were given the right to vote in 2011, they still are subject to a driving ban in the kingdom. 

4. NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders After U.S. Official Handed Over Contacts
The Guardian reports on the latest round of Edward Snowden leaks that reveal the National Security Agency monitored the phone conversations of 35 unnamed world leaders. This comes on the heels of allegations from Der Speigel that the U.S. monitored phone calls of German chancellor Angela Merkel — allegations that the White House has denied.

5. For When You Marry Wrong
Grace at A Deeper Story brings us the gut-wrenching truth of a marriage based on love and good intentions that devolves through no one's fault, and examines what to do with that reality in a Christian context. "What, for example, does God suggest for two people with the personality of freight trains heading right for one another with ALL the world’s stubborn pride embodied in these two married souls?"

6. WATCH: 'American Jesus' Trailer
Can Christianity be rescued from Christians? That's the question posed in the trailer for an upcoming film exploring the various facets of American Christianity, and how our culture shapes how faith in Christ is viewed. 

7. Twitter, Women, and Power
As Twitter preps to go public, Nick Kristof at The New York Times points out the disappointing fact that their board consists of seven white men, and interestingly, "Research suggests that what matters is having a critical mass of about 30 percent women. In Twitter’s case, if it added three women, its board would still have as many men named Peter as it had women."

8. The American Church's Absence of Lament
Writing for a Sojourners blog series on the conversation of race in America, Soong-Chan Rah examines the American church's need for, and shrinking away from, true lament — lament for past wrongs, and the ones we continue to inflict whether intentionally or through our own apathy.

9. 'Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus' YouTube Sensation Releases New Book (READ EXCERPT)
Jefferson Bethke became a YouTube celebrity with his 2012 spoken-word video 'Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.' MSNBC's Morning Joe welcomed the 23-year-old this morning and released an excerpt of the book, Jesus>Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough. In it, Bethke says, "We’ve lost the real Jesus — or at least exchanged him for a newer, safer, sanitized, ineffectual one. We’ve created a Christian subculture that comes with its own set of customs, rules, rituals, paradigms, and products that are nowhere near the rugged, revolutionary faith of biblical Christianity. In our subculture Jesus would have never been crucified — he’s too nice."

10. The Bishop of Bling
A $20,000 bathtub and heated roof on a private chapel are just a couple of the expenses that earned a German Catholic priest the moniker "Bishop of Bling." He's now been suspended by Pope Francis. Will other spend-happy clergy take note?

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