Weekly Wrap 10.18.13: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 10-18-2013

1. WATCH: Shrinking Women - Lily Myers
There's a reason this bit of slam poetry has been making the rounds on Facebook over the past couple of days. It calls out the unsung truths of womanhood — truths, like the poet describing her mother as, "a fugitive stealing calories to which she does not feel entitled, deciding how many bites is too many, how much space she deserves to occupy." Powerful words. 

2. This Map Shows Where the World's 30 Million Slaves Live. There Are 60,000 in the U.S.
Based on a report from the Walk Free Foundation, The Washington Post has mapped out the concentrations of people living in real slavery across the world, in situations like forced prostitution, child soldiers, and more. The highest rate is Mauritania, but the numbers that exist in the places we live should astound you.

3. The Asian-American Awakening: That Moment When You Realize You're Not White
A great read: "I believe that as Americans, we’re scared to accept difference, even in this day and age. We tell ourselves that we are more tolerant and accepting, looking to how far we have come, but in reality, we’re currently stuck in a rut." 

4. My Harassers
Photographer Hannah Price takes shots of the men who catcall her on the streets of Philadelphia. The results are stunning. Check out her images and an accompanying interview with The Morning News

5. Stephen Colbert Roasts the Pope
CNN Belief Blog brings us the highlights of Stephen Colbert's appearance at the Al Smith Dinner. "Being Catholic is like being in the Admiral's Club of Christianity: Membership has its privileges," Colbert joked. "But if even atheists can be redeemed, what's next, Lutherans?  It's madness."

6. Of Wedding Vows and Sinners Prayers
If you've ever been to an evangelical youth camp — or said the sinner's prayer on multiple occasions just to make sure it stuck — you should read this. "When we stand before the Lord someday I don’t think he’s going to ask us if we’ve said the sinner’s prayer. But he might ask us what he asked Peter that day by the seashore, the kind of thing people have been asking each other for centuries before taking the plunge of marriage: 'Do you love me?'"

7. WATCH: Tattooed Jesus: Blasphemous or Powerful Witness?
Billboards all over Lubbock, Texas display images of a tattooed Jesus — emblematic of his taking up our sins. The illustrations are causing mixed reactions. What do you think?

8. Why I Don't Want a Progressive or Conservative Church
Sound about right? "Church is supposed to be family. It is not supposed to be progressive, moderate, conservative, or whatever label you would like. Church is a word that literally means community, and communities are diverse." 

9. How Feeling Each Other's Pain Changes Everything
"May our expanded selves and pierced souls energize and direct our actions." 12 Years a Slave comes out in limited release today, and in her piece, Christena Cleveland builds on the theme of understanding and learning to love the other by first learning their stories. Read the whole series on the film and Sojourners' contributors' reactions HERE.

10. Study: Almost Half of Public School Students Are Now Low-Income
Take a look at these startling maps, courtesy of The Atlantic Cities. "[T]he worst thing about these numbers may be that they're a glimpse of the future. … students from low-income families tend to end up parents of low-income families. And on it goes." 

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